iCore helps construction professionals manage risk and build quality projects—safely, on time, and within budget. From project on-boarding to billing and closeout, iCore's simple and intuitive interface connects your team on a real-time centralized hub and on any device.

The Problems

Problem 1: Data
Lots and lots of data being generated from construction sites and sent to the HQ by email. How to manage it? Searching for relevant site data on email is as good as finding a needle in a haystack.

Problem 2: Analysis
How to analyze the collected data to optimize the processes? There have been instances where we clearly see a process which can be optimized but because of lack of meaningful data, we can’t do anything.

Problem 3: Finding leaks
Equipment operator didn’t come on a particular day but he billed it. How do you reconcile the attendance when billing? Assumptions are bad for business especially when you’re billing a third party.

The Solutions

Solution 1: Store data centrally
Data is now centrally managed and stored in iCore. No need to share Excel sheets via email and then finding the relevant one when required. Use iCore from remote sites even with slowest of internet connection.

Solution 2: Analyze at ease
Since the data is store centrally you can now search and analyze the data by simply searching for it. Filter the data by date, site, relevant personnel like Subcontractor, Material Supplier etc. The possibilities are infinite.

Solution 3: Patch the leaks
Filter for entries in Daily Log of any personnel like Equipment Vendors to find whether they came on a particular day or not. Generate bills in a single click of a button and reconcile them with their invoices too.

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